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Can Bruise Certified Training Day

Bruise Training Center (Galih Sustainable Education Foundation)
Jl. Utama Ujung 334 Komplek Cipondoh Indah 
The city of Tangerang Banten

55% discount on   $ 200 USD-  Being $ 150 USD, - ( without tools )
50% Discount at  $ 250 USD-  Being $ 180 USD, - ( with tools )
From Anas bin Malik, (were) on Hijamah, he said: "Verily Allah that ber-bekam/hijamah and ordered his family", and the Prophet said: "The best treatment that you are doing is to Hijamah / Bruise." Hadith of Ibn Abi Umar also said so. (Sahih Muslim 1577)
Cupping training is carried out in speedy and accurate for 1 (one) day with basic and advanced material, which is specifically designed for those who want to become professional therapists cupping and herbalist, with the following material.
  1. Introduction to Health Sciences
  2. History of cupping
  3. Law and the Hadiths of Cupping
  4. Cupping point
  5. Anatomy
  6. The introduction of the bruise and how to use equipment
  7. Demonstrate the practice of Cupping
  8. The practice of Cupping
  1. Hardcopy and softcopy material
  2. Stationery
  3. 1 set of tools bruise
    1. Cupping Set 12
    2. Lancing Pen (1)
    3. Lancet (20)
    4. Mask (3)
    5. Gloves (5 Post)
    6. Alcohol (1)
    7. Herb oil Jawi (1)
    8. Tissue (1)
  4. Certificate (can be used as a reference for membership ITBI - Cupping Therapists Association of Indonesia)
  5. The practice of cupping among participants
  6. GUARANTEED instantly cupping after this training
  7. Plus get a Certificate of Membership directly Cupping Therapists Association of Indonesia (ITBI)
  1. Ustadz H. Galih Gumelar, ST, Msi. 
    1. Cupping Senior Practitioners and Therapists
    2. Cupping Therapists Chairman of the Association of Indonesia (ITBI)
    3. Cupping Center Director
    4. Resource Persons various Islamic Medicine & Health Seminar
    5. Leadership Council Hidayatullah Dhikr human aura
    6. Direktur Glest Radio dan Glest
    7. Leadership Foundation for Sustainable Education Galih
    8. Director of PT. Classical Galih Sustainable
  2. Ustadz Irwanto
    1. Cupping Training Center graduates
    2. Graduates of the human aura and Healh Care
    3. Cupping Center Branch Manager Tangerang
    4. Cupping Therapists Association board Indonesia
    5. Cupping Therapist Expert
Please Register with one of the following ways:
A. Please send your data via email to @ 
2. SMS your data into numbers 021-99950774 
3. Fax your data to a number 021-5549023. 
4. Payment Via Bank BCA No Tranfer. RECs. 658-017-3053 
5. Further information can contact  021-70522100
After sending registration data, please send a copy of your ID card via email or via fax 021-5549023 and make payment of training costs for $ 150, - (without tools) and $ 180 USD, - (The following tools / special education rather than direct-online).

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