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Training and Educational Center graduated Cupping Therapists Reliable - education and training center, known as a bruise or a new short relatih provide education and training regarding the treatment of bruise, have now been able to bring the bruise that the majority of therapists are now able to help people treat various complaints against the disease suffered. in cooperation with Indonesia Cupping Therapists Association - ITBI and the International Al-Hijamah therapists Association (IAHTA), Talah passed hundreds of therapists cupping in a short time, and good practice is almost entirely open calls and on-site practice.

John H. Galih Gumelar, selakuk cupping expert who became one state resource persons are also proud and happy with this, this will put more advanced treatment Prophet's Sunnah in Indonesia and mancanegara. Education and training is maintained through the Educational Foundation of Sustainable Galih This although some use the online system, but the quality of graduates is more reliable than those that is due to follow directly in place. not only those who are new to the public and cupping therapy, those who are skilled but has a long open practice, dig a lot of knowledge about this bruise on especially want to learn the techniques of cupping them directly from John H. Galih Gumelar who already have a name in the cupping treatment to the Almighty because he has proven to be much help pasiennya recovered from his illness with this messenger Sunnah cupping therapy. 

For the friends and all therapists who wish to study and knowledge memprdalam bekamnya, please contact us at 021-70522100 or in @ 
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