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Ustadz H.Galih Gumelar: 4 Method 1 Method Man Cupping Cupping divine - After removing the statment from the results of the assessment and treatment experiences in the world, especially the treatment of bruise or al-hijamah, now Ustadz H. Galih Gumelar new states that have belaiu statmen study for a long time.

Young cleric who is quite popular among medical experts, the previously stated that the bruise has 4 methods or 4 ways: dry cupping, wet cupping, cupping cupping and aggressive skating / extreme.

After a long time only addressed to paseinnya, now Perry human aura Hidayatullah pesantren leadership of this state that has four methods of human bloodletting and a cupping method divine / cupping of God.

When we had read earlier in the article  Ustadz H. Galih Gumelar: Types of Cupping Method increased to 4 in the presence of Cupping Aggressive / extrime  , so now what does it mean feat Galih with Cupping divine.

According to him : "cupping we do and we know all this is done by simply cupping is a method of man, then why Allah ordered angel Gabriel to appeal to the Ascension of the Prophet while performing for the people of the Prophet, the people of the prophet Muhammad did hijamah or bruise? "

"When the God who created us and the universe is telling us to berhijamah, what's going on with our bodies?, Without us knowing it was God Almighty to give a blessing, a blessing to us human beings, conscious and unconscious, Allah is well aware all our needs and even our body needs, every body's metabolism will result in a variety of substances released and even the rest of the body or dirt that is not used anymore even able to be poisonous / toxic to our bodies. "

"A real phenomenon and large, that Allah swt has given to the divine Cupping women through menstruation, the women give it all on this earth divine Cupping (period) within which there is no single woman when she'll start getting your period and when she will stop menstruating permanently (menopause). "

"If we do cupping with a variety of tools and equipment, it is enough for God to give divine bruise (period) for a certain period each month. Therefore when the time period that the average woman has the age of 10 years to 45/50 year, female get a bruise divine grace so forsaken of many serious diseases, especially those associated with dirty blood. "

"But when women were entering the final menstrual period (menopause), then there will certainly be felt in tubunya alone, from the stiff-stiff, often dizziness, severe disease appears and you have the disease will increasingly feel the illness, the case in the blood due to the automatic removal each month cease until the sediment contaminated blood in the body. "

"At the time of divine Cupping stop (menopause) is done manually, by cupping the four methods of human bruise, so that every menopausal woman who can throw the dirty blood and avoid diseases that harm the body caused by dirty blood." Even so it is phrased Ustadz H. Galih Gumelar as found in his house.
A real thing that God gave his best for cipataannya, but sometimes we just lack of understanding and deepen. Hopefully this study are useful and can make the cornerstone of treatment in general bruise. (SRH)
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