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Profile is a place of education and training that teaches a method of treating a cupping/ Alhijamah. is a place of education and training under Galih Sustainable Education Foundation.

Methods of education and training on is divided into two systems, namely systems face to face and online education system.

Education and Training Cupping face to face with the method implemented in the secretariat at Graha Glest, Jl. Utama Ujung 334 Komplek PDK, Cipondoh Indah Cipondoh Tangerang City, Banten 15148.

Education and Training Cupping online domicile conducted in each participant with a method of teaching through the medium of internet / online ie by means of email. cooperation with Indonesia Cupping Therapists Association (ITBI) and the International Al-Hijama Therapists Association (IAHTA) in spending membership certificate, so that each participant (santriwan / wati) direct a member ITBI and IAHTA.
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