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Allow Women Treat Men Not Muhrim and Men Treat Female non-married individuals - Many questions regarding the treatment much less about the bruise, what should a woman cupping therapist men and non-married individuals or otherwise, male therapist menerapis female non-married individuals. 

Although in the general treatment in a hospital or seeing a doctor this is not true, and as if not willing to apply, but dikarena cupping a sunnah treatment so it should be with married individuals?, which is a phenomenon that occurs at this time, although it should be treated with fellow muhrim better. Because it's been a growing number of women physicians and male doctors, and community knowledge and the desire some people have started berbebeda.

But a big question arises, how if the therapist can only treat us or know how to treat the disease that we suffer is someone who is non-married individuals, how the law and whether it should continue to feel the pain of having to stare treated with fellow Muslims who may be less believed and can not.

And many other questions and statements, then how is the solution.

According to several studies in syar'ibiila is an emergency and there was no one else who can treat these men, it is permissible for a woman to treat or otherwise, with arguments hadith al-Rubayyi 'bintu Mu'awwidz x, he said :

كنا نغزو مع رسول الله n نسقي ونداوي الجرحى ونرد القتلى إلى المدينة
"We (women) have participated in a battle with the Prophet n. Our job is to give drink to the mujahideen, treating people wounded, and the return of people who were killed to Medina. "(Sahih, HR. Al-Bukhari no. 2882, 2883).
The hadith above shows the permissibility of women treat men ajnabiyyah Ajnabi (non-mahram) because of an emergency. (Fathul Bari, 6/98)

Umm 'Athiyyah al-Anshariyyah x also been reported:
غزوت مع رسول الله n سبع غزوات, أخلفهم في رحالهم فأصنع لهم الطعام وأداوي الجرحى وأقوم على المرضى
"I've fought in seven battles with the Prophet. I'm replacing them to keep the vehicle / mount them (the Mujahideen), I make food for them, treating the injured, as well as caring for the sick. "(Sahih, HR. Muslims no. 1812)

But in this case must be considered side-the side that did not invite libel (temptation) and damage, so to avoid any khalwat (alone) among the women who treat pain. Or the woman when treating the patient, accompanied by a mahram. Allaah knows best.

But when there are men who can treat the pain it is not allowed he was treated by the woman.(Jami 'Ahkamin Nisa', 5/542)

What if a woman seeing a male physician? So the problem is the same as above. 

Ash-Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih al-'Uthaymeen t when asked about this issue, he replied, "Berobatnya a woman to a male doctor in the absence of a female doctor is not why. So that was mentioned by scholars. Allow him to open his aching body parts / needed to be seen by a doctor, but the woman must be accompanied by a mahram, and no seclusion with your doctor, as was the case a forbidden seclusion. Surely this limited purpose. "(Fatawa al-mar'ah al-Muslimah, 2/979)

Ash-Sheikh Muqbil bin Hadi al-Wadi'i t said, "Touching ajnabiyyah woman (not a mahram) without the need / requirement, it is not allowed. But when needed, as she was a woman's own doctor or a doctor and found another doctor who could cure the sick but herself, then when it is allowed to touch those who are not mahram. But it remains fully aware of the slander (temptation) that will arise. "(Ijabatus Sa'il, p. 32)

So the conclusion of the search and study of basic basically Allah does not forbid a person's treatment or to be treated to a non-married individuals, but with a mahram in the company of other (not both) to avoid slander and so on. But if there is a doctor or medical expert and fellow of the same properties muhrim it was much better. Wallahu'alam.

Sources: On if from a variety of sources.
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