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Education And Training Advanced Cupping - now cupping or hijamah level further education, either in person or online.Education Level up Cupping can be followed by those who have been able to perform a basic cupping and cupping want to know and learn more deeply. 

Cupping Education tinggat Advanced Materials: 

  1. Cupping Method II - Continued
  2. Cupping point II - Continued
  3. Disease and Treatment Bekamnya
  4. Cupping Aggressive / Extreme Cupping
  5. Herbal Cupping
  6. Basic Sciences Herbalist
  7. Cupping Entrepreneurship

Terms participants bruise Advanced Education: 

  • Open to the public
  • Has certified cupping (basic)
  • It has been the practice of cupping, either publicly or privately (family) or have been able to do cupping therapy.

Cupping tinggat Tuition Pricing is: 

  1. Direct educational costs $ 250 USD, - and didiscount to $ 200 USD -
  2. Online Education Advanced Cupping at a cost of $ 300 USD, - and didiscunt be $ 250 USD, -
  • Certificate of Education Advanced Expert tingat Cupping
  • Material soft copy
  • Membership Certificate ITBI
  • Membership Certificate IAHTA
  • When you already have a membership certificate or has been a member ITBI and IAHTA, then given a certificate of Primary Expert Cupping Cupping Therapists Association of Indonesia (ITBI)
  • Place air-conditioned
  • Cupping taught directly by experienced experts.

for more information please contact +6221-70522100 or +6221-99960774 or via email at @ 
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