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Education and Training Schedule Cupping Month October 2012

www.pendidikanbekam. Com - Education bruise in October was held on Saturday and Sunday.

Education and training cupping cupping on Saturday beginning at 1:00 p.m. to 16:00 pm and the education and training of a bruise on Sunday starting at 08:30 to 11:00 pm.

Education and training cupping using CAT2 systems (Fast - Safe - Right - Integrated) that initiated by Ustadz H. Galih Gumelar (National Cupping therapist) so that even in a short time to master the study participants cupping treatment and able to practice professionally.

Education and training bruise in October 2012, there is a wide selection of educational packages, both with the system in person or remotely (online). Investments start from Rp.500,000 to Rp. 650,000 for education and training cupping directly and start from Rp. 800.000, - hinggaRp. 950,000 for education and training cupping online (remotely).

As for the bruise on education and training in October 2012 this was on the 6.7, 13, 14, 20, 21, 27 and 28 October 2012.  

Facility Participants:
  • How soft copy
  • Using the method of  CAT2 (Fast - Safe - Right - Integrated),  so that the participants / students can be cupping therapist who was really helpful.
  • Curriculum accurate
  • The air-conditioned classrooms
  • Audio visual presentation module, using power point, video, Microsoft Word and PDF.
  • Cupping Therapists Association Membership Certificate Indonesia for Rp. 75.000, -
  • Certificate of Education and Training Cupping Cupping Center and
  • Cupping therapists trained by experienced and have a lot of patients
  • Supervised up to be
  • Jump in a data base expert therapists on site ITBI bruise Indonesia (Indonesia Cupping therapist ties)
  • Secured practice of cupping with all its advantages.

Terms of the education and training directly bruise a day can:
  • Open to the public. (Minimum Age 12 Years)
  • Enroll directly to the educational or online by filling out an online registration form  here
  • Choosing education and training schedule bruise
  • Pay the total cost of education and training invest Rp. 500.000, - or a total of Rp. 650.000, - with additional membership certificate IAHTA (International Al-Hijama Therapists Association) worth $ 75 USD.
  • (Cost of Education and Training can not be undone, but it can change the schedule as agreed)
  • Education and Training Schedule Cupping Direct was held every Saturday and Sunday with the schedule confirmed

For information on education and training in cupping or cupping center please contact us at 021-70522100 or 021-99960774 or by email at @
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