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H. Galih Gumelar: Let's Make Indonesia Trend Development Center Cupping / Hijama - Cupping is a treatment that resume practicing or doing at the time of his Prophet, and cupping at the time he had lots and circulated widely across the world such as China and so on.But the practice of cupping treatment by the Prophet, then cupping a special place in the eyes of Muslims.

"With advances in technology and sophistication of the science, let's make a bruise As with medication or therapy is best, make people even people on earth believe in rule cupping" said H. Galih Gumelar.

According to H. Galih Gumelar : "Now in Indonesia are booming even mancanerga about cupping treatment, but the bruise developments in Indonesia was much more rapid and varied, due to the development of rapid and diverse cupping in Indonesia, let's make Indonesia as a center for the development of cupping / hijama, even bruise came from middle eastern country ".

"In many overseas foreign cupping therapy Cupping has been professionally practicing physicians should major hospitals, and using sophisticated equipment bruise even digital, so although the rapid development of cupping in Indonesia, but in terms of professionalism and equipment are fit, in the sense of not less no more "Reveal H. Galih Gumelar , currently wrestling on the development bruise much abroad.

"But excess Indonesia in cupping therapy is a great Muslims in our country, so that cupping therapy cupping or treatment in Indonesia has substantial capital and new hope for the development of cupping future, so it is not impossible, cupping in Indonesia could become a trend centers around world "Obviously he believes in because of the number of candidates for cupping therapy study with his foreign origin.

Subhanallah, may cupping therapy is always awake and become truly effective and stay ahead.(SRH)
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