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Hijama Quickly Learn and Get Certified

If you want to learn to practice the science of cupping therapy for yourself, your family or someone else, then you can follow the Training / Education Cupping.
Assembly of the human aura and Hidayatullah Cupping Therapists Association of Indonesia (ITBI) Registration opens:
"Training Can Bruise Quick Jump"

Training Materials:
1. What Is Hijama
2. Benefits of Cupping
3. Cupping restrictions Cupping tools 
4. Cupping / Hijama Instrument 
5. Sterilisasi Cupping the right 
6.Cupping/ Hijama  Teknik 
7.Praktek Cupping / Hijama 
8.Aspek Cupping / Hijama

Training :
Training lasts for half a day.

Training investment:  50% Discount $. 200 USD, - Being  $ 100 U.S. Dollar  , -/person (without tools) 

  1. Trained directly by Ustadz Galih Gumelar, ST. Msi. (Chairman of the Association of Therapists Cupping Indonesia)
  2. Certificate of Education
  3. Training and Education Every Time Saturday At 1:00 p.m. to 17:00 pm
  4. Free Certificate of Membership ITBI (Cupping Therapists Association of Indonesia)
  5. Papers Concerning the Treatment Cupping softcopy
  6. Practice of Jump.
  7. Time education 4 Hours
Training Address:
Jl. Utama Ujung  334 Komplek PDK Cipondoh Indah Tangerang City Banten - Indonesia
Call Now Also:
Cupping Center
or Please Visit us at  or
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