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Point Cupping: Cupping point Sunnah Prophet - Ummu Mughits - Here is a bruise point located at the very top of the head or are fitting crown of the head.

Supplications at the point of cupping Umm mughits located at the top of the head (Umm mughits), the way is to shave the hair on the part to be dibekam or use a suction machine cupping (cupping vacuum).

From the data collection and hadith cupping by and evaluation practice of cupping for 7 years from the data center cupping and cupping tangerang be sure berbekam at point cupping Umm this mughits Inshallah very effective for the treatment of migraine, vertigo , chronic headaches , high blood pressure, stroke, like drowsiness, toothache, sore eyes, circulation
blood, improving the immune system, as well as many others.
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