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Point Cupping: Cupping point Sunnah Prophet - Point Hammah - Cupping Education and Training Center , this time to share thebruise point located on the front of the head. From the results of data collection and litelatur, that there is a point bruise on the forehead or the front of the head, everyday language dalah forehead (sorry).

Cupping point in this section is known as Hammah. cupping point this hammah Inshallah by searches and facts and experience in the center and cupping cupping tangerang, can cure chronic headaches, sickness vertigo , eyes dim, even able to heal difficulty sleeping sickness (the fact patients cupping center).

At point cupping hammah this, blood is usually thicker and dense black even, let alone the first time recently dibekam, it is in cupping therapist uttered H. Galih Gumelar which stated: Patients berbekam on the forehead is usually will issue a swift wind and blood -black ".

That is why the Hijama point is, if we are dizzy always massaging his forehead, due to deposition of blood at this point filled with wind and blood sediments.

Sources: On if from a variety of sources and practical experience Cupping Center and Cupping Tangerang
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