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Point Cupping: Cupping point Sunnah Prophet - Qamahdumah - In addition to the above point cupping crown - the crown turns Prophet also taught us that cupping point is at the back of the head bulge. According alerts, and other qamadumah bruise that point is at the back of the head where the part will touch the floor or the ground or the bed when we are

Cupping point the Apostle's Sunnah or what is often known as cupping point qamahdumah , God willing, helpful to cure vertigo, head often dizziness, ear pain, stiff neck, headache, back, deaf, stiff tongue, schizophrenia, epilepsy, and God willing, many others .

According to observations cupping center of observation of patients who came for treatment at centers cupping or cupping tangerang , cupping point Sunnah Prophet qamahdumah are beneficial to all complaints in the neck and the head, especially the head back and sides.

Sources: On if from a variety of sources and facts on the ground (practice)
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