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Pure Salt Therapy For Women - In Therapy for women is pure salt, salt dkhususkan for women called "pure salt 96 / ladies salt. 

The manufacturing process 
Heated / oven in a temperature of 1000 degrees Celsiues for 96 hours (4 days 4 nights) 

-Whitish / flour albus Bahasa Malaysia if senggugut disease ... 
-Irregular Menstrual ... 
-Painful menstruation .... 
-Effective for female reproductive mantenance 
-The case of infertility / sterility ... Kiste n many more 

Salt therapy is not widely known as other therapy, but is useful for the treatment. 

The trick is not difficult, as medical treatment, which is input into the vagina for three consecutive days after menstruation. And keep in mind make sure that the user is not in a state of pregnancy.
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