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Regarding this Aggressive Cupping or Cupping Extreme - Cupping aggressive / extreme metoe Cupping is one of the five meteode bakam which were dictated by the experts bruise Ustadz H. Galih Gumelar, Aggressive Treatment with Cupping Techniques is devoted to the problem of serious chronic diseases, eg diabetes, kidney disease, hepatitis, and cancer and the consumption of salt combined with pure, distilled drinking water, regular exercise, good nutrition, and patterns / a healthy lifestyle.

Patients should undergo aggressive treatment cupping / extreme is done until the toxins / poisons come out and take a few days (for the disease difficult breathing), 2 weeks (diabetes), and up to 2 months (cancer), each cupping session may take one to two hours. 

Persistent signs of cupping and will disappear over a year and aggressive cupping is not recommended for the face or skin cancer patients, and those without consent to do this integral aggressive cupping. 

Aggressive Cupping able to clean the blood itself and allows for red blood cells and white blood cells to get basic supplies oxygen and nutrients to the improvement that he was able to deliver oxygen to produce energy, fight infections, clean the wound and kill cancer cells. In addition to all the cells, tissues and organs are also much needed oxygen and nutrients and to improve function normally. "Aggressive Cupping is one of the most effective techniques of cupping" Reveal Ustadz H. Galih Gumelar.
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