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Ustadz H. Galih Gumelar: Cupping Method type increased to 4 with the Aggressive Cupping / extrime - After menggeliatnya cupping treatment in the country and the world in the last decade, the treatment of cupping has now mushroomed and the more rapid development. So of range, technique, method, and even appliances are increasingly growing and growing.

The type of treatment that is generally known to bruise there are 3 types, namely:
1. Cupping Dry
2. Wet Cupping
3. Cupping Skating

According to the chairman ITBI (Cupping Therapists Association of Indonesia), Ustadz H.Galih Gumelar, when met at the bruise on education class, it says, is now increasingly rapid development of cupping with a new type of bruise that was originated from, dry cupping , which is called the Aggressive Cupping, so this type of method / technique of cupping treatment is currently into 4 types:
1. Cupping Dry
2. Wet Cupping
3. Cupping Skating

According Ustadz Galih Gumelar; When cupping dry, wet and skating known cupping therapists and the public in general, in contrast to the  aggressive bruise  that only certain circles to use and only for certain types of diseases.

When asked Are  Aggressive Cupping , he replied, "that aggressive cupping method is only done to help treat certain diseases such as for instance the case of serious chronic diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease (hepatitis), and cancer"

According Aggressive Cupping method is still very common in Indonesia, although there are some cases of patients treated by therapists almost met many have learned the technique, but do not know if the technique is a method of cupping is very aggressive and it can help treat certain diseases.
The method must also be equipped with a salt intake of pure, distilled drinking water, daily exercise, good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.
Patients should undergo  aggressive cupping  is the way all the toxic liquid has come out that could last a few days (shortness of breath), two weeks (diabetes) and up to two months (of cancer).
Each cupping session / aggressive bruise will last from one to two hours. Cupping marks will remain for more than one year and are not recommended for treatment of the face or in patients with skin cancer.
Cupping aggressively cleans the blood itself and allows red blood cells and white blood cells to receive vital supplies of oxygen and nutrients that improve its ability to deliver oxygen to produce energy, fight infections, clean the wound and kill cancer cells. 
Besides all the other cells, tissues and organs also receive much-needed oxygen and nutrients and restore their normal function.  Aggressive cupping  cupping technique is most effective for diseases that can not be treated with other cupping techniques.
Hopefully future more and more advanced methods of treatment developments that are bruise the Prophet's Sunnah, he said excitedly.

                    Ustadz Galih Gumelar and
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