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Why Therapists Need Certificate of Education Cupping Cupping  - In education we commonly hear seritikat National Education education or diploma.Then how the function is especially education certificate to practice cupping.

In the practice of cupping educational certificates penerapis greatly affect the credibility and much needed to qualify prakterk permission from the relevant authorities.

To have a license to practice cupping, related organizations such as the health department will issue a license to practice if penerapis cupping a certificate of education or expertise of the institution.

Therefore, under the auspices Galih Sustainable Education Foundation provides educational and training facilities bruise for bruise therapists who do not possess the education and training certificates bruise. Only by following education and training in cupping or cupping center, then any penerapis or the general public who want to learn cupping can have education and training certificate bruise.

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of course every cupping therapist requires a certificate

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